Had the opportunity to run my Modern Varmint HARD over the weekend at the Surefire World Multigun Championship, and it didn't disappoint. This was a challenging match with rifle targets ranging from 5 to ~330m. I ran over 350 rounds through my Varmint in the dusty desert heat without cleaning or maintenance of any kind. I shot it until it was so hot it was uncomfortable to hold the handgaurd without any degradation in function or noticeable poi shift (REGULAR capacity magazines help with this :D). I was using magpul Pmags and the ammunition was handloaded, 55 grains for everything inside 200, 69 grain sierras beyond that. Properly configured I believe this is an excellent choice for a 3 Gun rifle. Ended up 17th in Tactical and 29th overall for the match, which I am very pleased with given the caliber of shooters in attendance. Keep pumping out those guns ATRS!