New Drop-in Remington Trigger!

We are currently building a single stage trigger and a set trigger for the Remington 700 based actions. At this point only right hand versions with a safety will be available, although we hope to offer a left hand version in the future if demand permits. They will be available with a Remington style bolt release for factory Rem 700 actions as well as without a Remington style bolt release for custom actions that employ a bolt release on the side of the action.
Current testing suggests the set trigger will have a range from less that a pound to 4lbs and the single stage trigger will be adjustable from 2.5-5lbs. We are anticipating the single stage trigger to be approx. $200 and the set trigger to be approx. $350.
These triggers are still in the prototype stage and are not available for purchase at this point in time. No other trigger designs are being considered at this time.


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