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Will ATRS machine a Remington 700 bolt for Sako extractor? Short answer is no. For many reasons.

The Remington 700 bolt is made up of several pieces that are "soldered" together to make 1 piece. This can easily be seen by looking at the bolt handle on all 700s. On the bolt head it is harder to distinguish, yet none the less there.

To install either the sako or M16 style extractor requires milling a slot down the bolt and through not only the factory extractor groove but far enough down the bolt that the "solder" joint is compromised. We believe that this weakens the bolt significantly. Under normal operation this will not likely present a problem however with an over pressure load having significantly weakened the structure of the bolt, which really is what keeps the explosion of setting off a cartridge contained, is there enough structure to keep a catastrophic failure from causing injury or death? We prefer not to gamble with peoples well being and expose our insurance company to needless litigation and exposure.

Most of the more reknowned gunsmiths agree with our position claiming that the 700 bolt was never engineered to have this sort of modification performed and completely defeats the "3 rings of steel" for safety that the 700 was designed with and has been a safety bonus since the inception of this action.

This leads to the question then of 700 extractor failure. Is the factory 700 extractor the best? Although a good design, no not the best.

That being said failure rate is quite low. In an average year we see about 1000 700 actions, of which we will see 3 or 4 per year that have an extractor problem, which is easily and inexpensively remedied, so a very low percentage. IF there was a significant number per year i would dare say Remington would revise this actions design, and given the million plus 700 variants they have produced over the last 50 years it would appear that the rest of the world also shares a low rate fo extractor failure.

We have designed our custom actions with a larger diameter bolt to have the strength to accommodate the M16 style extractor which is similar to the Sako but longer and captured so that in an overload situation every part stays with the bolt rather than flying off into the yonder.

We also do not believe there is enough material in the factory Remington 700 bolts to safely flute the bolt. the bolt body on a 700 is quite thin and frankly it serves no real purpose.


This is an example of a very poorly installed Sako style extractor that has essentially rendered the bolt useless. Some "smith" actually charged money for this.



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