Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons our AT15 rifles and pistols are more expensive than many of the AR15 platforms on the market.

What sets the AT15 apart from many of the other AR15 style firearms on the market is material used. What sets our gun apart from all other AR variants is features, tolerances, quality of fit and finish and the biggest 1 is the personalization we can offer.

We manufacture our AT15s from 7075 series aluminum billet rather than purchasing forgings from 1 of the 2 huge US based companies that supply virtually every other AR15 manufacturer on the market.

The tolerances that we hold our product to is considerably smaller hence tighter than any other AR type firearm on the market. We just do not believe in plus or minus when it comes to dimensions. The uppers and lowers are hand fitted to ensure the tightest fit that will allow for flawless function.  On most other manufacturers AR you can place a piece of paper between the upper and lower, close and lock the upper to the lower and it is easy to pull the paper out. On our guns you will rip the paper to pieces and still have paper trapped between the upper and lower.

We believe that having the upper and lower function as if it were 1 piece allows us to obtain accuracy unheard of with most AR platforms.

From the very first AT15 we made, all have also had a rear tensioner built in to the lower. This effectively solves the problem gizmo's like the Accuwedge supposedly cures.

Our guns employ some other features not commonly found in most other ARs. We have incorporated a bolt release into the right side of the lower that allows the shooter to dump the empty mag and simply touch the lever with the trigger finger to release the bolt back into battery. This is WAY less clumsy than bandaid cures like the B.A.D. lever and clones of that type.

Our lowers are ambidextrously marked with the fire control markings.

We have employed several capture devices on those nasty little springs that always seem to take off when the grip, stock or safety is removed.

Unlike every other AR on the market we employ a ball bearing for a safety detent which makes operating the safety to on or off much smoother to the feel and it is adjustable for tension so you can have a stiff or easy to employ safety.

IF you have a flair for something a little different the AT15 is the gun for you. Our distinctive integrated trigger bow adds structure and rigidty to the lower and it can not get lost if pins fail.

The grip area on the front of the magwell of our guns is engineered to give a good positive and repeatable grip for those who grip on the magwell with their off hand.

With our deeply flared magwell a shooter can find "the spot" even with a blindfold and gloves on. We know, we tried it.

We have the most unique and varied firecontrol markings in the industry and YOU have the option of a custom serial number at no additional cost. Try asking our "competition" to do that for you.

Most folks who have purchased a mass produced "box" gun have also purchased many other parts in order to upgrade the gun or get it to the configuration they want. As a consequence like most AR shooters they also now own a box that is stashed away full of AR15 take off parts, or they spend time time trying to resell the parts. With the AT15 being built to your spec as far as trigger group, furniture, sites, barrel, etc. you only pay once and get exactly what you want, the first time and no box of unwanted spare parts.

Being as we manufacture and assemble our guns right here in Canada, in the rare event of needing warranty service there is no having to deal with a company in a foreign country.

The AT15 is battle proven in Afghanistan too and was one of only 2 brands that never had a failure to operate.

We have supplied our guns to private security contractors overseas, and the reports back have been 100% positive.


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