Frequently Asked Questions

The answer here is not so simple. To arrive at the correct answer for your needs requires honestly addressing the criteria for what the optic is required for.

In a first focal plane (FFP) scope the reticle calibration remains constant regardless of magnification so one can use the reticle for range estimation or holding over at any power. The drawback some see here is that the reticle appears to get larger to the eye as magnification is increased, to the point where it can completely obscure your target. If you cannot see what you are aiming at how can you expect to hit it?

In a second focal plane (SFP) scope the reticle is only correct in calibration at one specific power of magnification; however, the reticle does not appear to change size with magnification. Typically the reticle looks finer to the eye and it is easier to see targets at full magnification.

So the questions then become:

1) Are you using your scope for range estimation?

2) Are you going to be acting as a spotter for others?

If yes is the answer to both of these then an FFP scope may be the correct choice for you.


1) Do you use a laser range finder?

2) Are you looking for the finest reticle to target definition possible?

3) Are you shooting either known distances or references for distance where you shoot?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then an SFP scope would likely be the better choice.



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