Frequently Asked Questions

 With each shot fired from your rifle, a significant amount of recoil is produced. As this energy travels backwards from your barreled action to your stock and finally to your shoulder, any movement between the stock and action/recoil lug can create inconsistent barrel harmonics.

 With a typical rifle all the recoil is placed upon the two action screws and the recoil lug.That is if the stock is cut with tight enough tolerances to contact the recoil lug. In many instances we have found this is not the case. So therefore the two bolts have to be quite tight to keep the action from moving around and this will put unnecessary stress upon your action. On most rifles we can insert steel pillars into the stock for the action screws to be guided through. This provides additional strength to the stock where the bolts can compress it. This metal to metal contact prevents the stock from being crushed.

 By bedding the action/recoil lug and chamber area of the barrel, an exact mirror imprint is created in your stock. This allows no movement between the fitted parts. With bedding of the gun components the barrel will react more consistently shot to shot making it easier to tune your hand-loaded ammunition to the rifle. Bedding a rifle is one more way to eliminate the variations between shots to produce smaller groups at longer distances more consistently.


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