Frequently Asked Questions

Most calibers are capable of 1/2 MOA or better accuracy, but not all. Therefore if the caliber is capable, we will gurantee that the rifle we build will shoot 1/2 MOA OR BETTER. Typically we see much better than 1/2 MOA accuracy but we had to adopt some standard.

Not all ammunition is capable, especially the cheaper and offshore factory ammunition. We guarantee our bolt action rifles to be 1/2 MOA capable provided match type factory ammo or precise handloaded ammo is used.

A mixed bag of headstamps and powder thrown with a teaspoon, with assorted bullets just does not work.

Our highly trained and experienced staff can help you in establishing combinations of ammo that will deliver accurate results.

The last part of the equation is the shooter. The most accurate rifle in the world in the hands of a shooter who has little to no skill will not produce the best groupings.

We testfire each and every rifle we build to ensure function, safety and accuracy. If the rifle does not shoot to our standards it simply does not leave our shop.


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