ATRS Browning X-Bolt Detachable Bottom Metal (DBM)



FINALLY, a replacement option for the factory X-Bolt rotary mags.


CNC machined from 7075 aluminum, our new Browning X-Bolt detachable bottom metal (DBM) utilizes the AICS/Accurate/MDT mag platform that has been the gold standard for reliability for years. All edges have been radiused for a smooth feel to protect the operators hands. The trigger guard has been enlarged for use with gloves and the mag release is located inside the trigger guard.
We currently offer our X-Bolt DBM for short action only but have a long action version in development. We have kept tolerances tight in the magwell in order to fit the metal AICS/Accurate platform mags very snug and eliminate the rattle you find in some DBM kits that utilize these mags. If you are using polymer AICS style mags you may need to sand the mag slightly in order to fit in the magwell.

These DBM are a DROP-IN replacement for the factory DBM inlet. NO MODIFICATION TO YOUR STOCK REQUIRED!!

Comes with a replacement rear action screw but utilizes the factory front action screw.

The price includes one Accurate/MDT magazine.

  • CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Hard Anodized finish
  • No sharp edges
  • Drop-in for factory inlet, no modification to stock required
  • Employs AICS/Accurate/MDT metal mags
  • Mag release located inside trigger guard
  • Currently only available for short action Browning X-Bolt
  • Tight tolerances for snug fitting mag
  • Compatible with aftermarket triggers

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