ATRS S.I.G.I.L Muzzle Brake - NEW


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Focusing on absolute recoil mitigation and muzzle control for long range engagements, The SIGIL (Self Indexing Gill Brake) has taken the proven technology and port geometry used in our 3 port Gill brake and put them in a package that you can install at home! This new brake design allows for the simple and easy install or removal of the brake as desired.

These brakes and lock nuts are made of 416 stainless steel and are salt bath nitrided for a deep black finish that is impervious to wear and corrosion.
Available in .224 cal, 6.5mm, .308 cal and .338 cal.
We are offering 3 designs of lock nut to cater to several cosmetic preferences.


Thread pitch: 5/8 X 24 TPI
Diameter: 1.050"
Length (including lock nut): 2.725"
Weight (including lock nut): 4.9 oz - 5.2 oz

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