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Read the Modern Hunter Frequently asked questions here

***All special orders and custom rifle builds are not returnable and are noncancellable***
These require a 50% deposit based on options chosen from the drop-down list.

Estimated delivery is approximately 6 months from time of order.  This may vary depending on options selected. Changes after submission are subject to a $25 administration fee per change.  (Some custom options could push this date back ie: custom cerakote)***

Like all direct impingement operated rifles of this style, this rifle works best with BTHP, polymer tipped and FMJ bullets and does NOT work well with lead tipped, all lead, round nose or other soft point bullets. It also requires generous lubrication of the bolt assembly at all times. This is critical for the first 500 rounds as the moving parts break in.

These rifles have a MATCH GRADE barrel and chamber. The use of off-shore surplus or corrosive ammo is not recommended.  We have found that match grade factory ammo or handloads will produce the best accuracy. Decent domestically manufactured bulk ammo will not harm the rifle.


The base model upper receiver is $2000.00. This does not include a bolt, carrier or mag. There are many options included at no added cost as well as a large number of upgrades available at additional cost.
The base model upper receiver will come standard with a stainless steel match grade barrel. Minimum barrel length will be 18.6" to keep it Non restricted but are available longer if desired. Barrels will be available in 3 contours. Barrels can have threaded muzzles, we just need to know when the order is placed. We will also be offering an optional 308 caliber ,6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Rem Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped barrel to keep the weight down.

Dimensions,specifications and any supplied NON ATRS manufactured products included with the rifle, such as mags and furniture are subject to change without prior approval or notice.


Please note:

- If you choose the Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel, the only options are:
- .308 Win 18.6" or 20" 1:10 twist  .875 contour .
- 6.5 CM 18.6" or 20" 1:8 twist  .875 contour.
- .260 Rem 18.6" or 20" 1:8 twist  .875 contour.
- All Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped barrels come threaded 5/8x24 for a muzzle break. No thread protector or muzzle brake is  included in the barrel price.

-CFW barrel weights:
18.6"- 2.5 lbs
20"- 2.7 lbs

- Light contour stainless barrels are only available in 18.6" and 20" lengths. Varmint contour and heavy contour barrels are available in 18.6", 20" and 22" lengths.

Stainless Match grade barrel available Calibers:  6.5 Creedmoor, 260 Rem and 308 Win

Stainless Steel barrel weights:
18.6" light contour- 2.5 lbs
18.6" varmint contour- 3.3 lbs
18.6" heavy contour- 4.5 lbs
20" light contour- 2.7 lbs
20" varmint contour- 3.5 lbs
20" heavy contour- 4.7 lbs

Below are diagrams of the 3 stainless barrel contours available:


- PRI carbon fiber handguards come with a top rail and 3 smaller rail sections mounted on the bottom and sides.

- Fortis SWITCH Keymod handguards come with a full top rail. Smaller rail sections to mount on the bottom and sides are available.

- JP handguards do not come with a top rail or any smaller rail sections, although they are available at additional cost. JP rails are only compatible with JP handguards.

- DPMS handguards do not have any rail sections or the ability to mount rails.


Links to accessories:

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Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped barrels

DPMS free float handguard

JP Enterprise Modular handguard

JP Enterprise 2" rail section

JP Enterprise 4" rail section

JP Enterprise top rail

Fortis Mfg. SWITCH Keymod handguard

Fortis Mfg. Keymod accessories

PRI Carbon Fiber handguard (black)

PRI Carbon Fiber handguard (natural)

ATRS AR-10 Muzzle Brake

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