Newcon Optik LRB 4000CI

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Medium range laser rangefinder binoculars LRB 4000CI incorporate the latest achievements in optronics, laser technology and electronics in the design. These binoculars combine uncompromised optics with advanced data processing algorithms. Range finder instantly measures distance and speed using the highly accurate time-of-flight delay method.

LRB 4000CI also features RS-232 interface, that enables immediate data acquisition by computers or external GPS
receivers. Gating algorithm implemented in LRB 4000CI dramatically improves reliability of measurement in
unfavourable measurement conditions (rain, snow, bushes, wires, etc.)

Low power consumption (one battery lasts for over 5000 shots!), ergonomic rubber-armoured body, long eye relief, simple two-button operation, and wide objective lens make observation and distance measurement with these binoculars accurate and comfortable.

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