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Key features: 

  • Integrated Ambi bolt release. 
  • Non reciprocating folding side-charge handle,
  • sealed to prevent gas escape for the shooter. 
  • Ambi safety (optional) 
  • Ambi mag release (optional) 
  • 7075 billet upper and lower receivers,
  • black Milspec hard anodized. 
  • Hinged dust cover over ejection port. 
  • Left handed friendly shell deflector. 
  • Direct gas impingement operating system ( tried and proven to work) 
  • Employs AR style grip and stock. 
  • Employs STANAG AR-15 mags.
  • Match Grade Stainless steel barrel as standard.
  • Timney Competition AR15 3lb trigger standard
  • JP Silent Captured Spring System standard

Like all direct impingement operated rifles, this rifle works best with BTHP, polymer tipped and FMJ bullets and may encounter feeding issues with lead tipped, all lead, round nose or other soft point bullets. It also requires generous lubrication of the bolt assembly at all times. This is critical for the first 500 rounds as the moving parts break in.

These rifles have a MATCH GRADE barrel and chamber. The use of off-shore surplus or corrosive ammo is not recommended and will void any warranty .  In our experience domestically manufactured bulk ammo will not harm the rifle. These rifles are all test fired for function with American Eagle 55gr FMJ bulk ammo. 


As most know, the AR15 platform is a restricted rifle in Canada. We have come up with a modular rifle that shares many of the AR15 assets in so far as being very modular and it will accept the use of most AR15 furniture, but it is NON-Restricted.

The base model rifle is $3350.00 and includes, among other things, a match grade stainless steel barrel, Timney competition AR15 3lb trigger, and a JP silent captured spring system! A large number of upgrades are available at additional cost.
The base model rifle has the option of either an A2 fixed stock or a 6 position collapsible stock or you can upgrade to a Magpul CTR collapsible, Magpul PRS adjustable and KFS TacMod adjustable stock.

Barrels chambered in 223 Wylde are only available in an 18.6" length. Barrels chambered in 6.5 Grendel are only available in a 20" length.
All barrels will come standard with a threaded muzzle.
Stainless barrels will be available in 3 contours, light, medium and heavy.
We also offer an optional Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped barrel or BSF carbon fiber Tension barrel, to keep the weight down.

Ambi bolt release comes standard on the base model and ambi safety and mag release are available upgrades.
The base model rifle will be offered with a free float tube style handguard, however Maple Ridge Armoury V1 handguards, JP Enterprise modular handguards, Fortis Mfg. SWITCH Keymod handguards and PRI carbon fiber handguards are available upgrades.


-Proof Research barrel weight:
18.6"- 2.1 lbs

-Stainless Steel barrel weights:
18.6" light contour- 2.1 lbs
18.6" varmint contour- 3.3 lbs
18.6" heavy contour- 4.5 lbs

 Please note:

  • All special orders and custom rifle builds are not returnable and are noncancellable
  • Dimensions, and specifications are subject to change without prior approval or notice.
  • Modern Varmint Rifles are sold only as complete rifles.
  • Delivery times are estimates and do not imply in anyway a guarantee.  The average build time is 6-8 months.
  • This rifle does not come with sights/optics or a case however either can be supplied at additional cost.

Below are diagrams of the 3 stainless barrel contours available:
18 6MEDIUM 1



Links to accessories:

(Click on words to open a new page with info)


DPMS free float handguard


JP Enterprise Modular handguard

JP Enterprise 2" rail section

JP Enterprise 4" rail section

JP Enterprise top rail

Fortis Mfg. SWITCH Keymod handguard

Fortis Mfg. Keymod accessories


PRI Carbon Fiber handguard (black)


PRI Carbon Fiber handguard (natural)


 BLK LBL™  (Integrated Bipod)


KFS TacMod Stock


Magpul PRS stock

Magpul CTR stock

Magpul MOE grip

Magpul MIAD grip

Ergo Suregrip

Ergo Deluxe grip

ATRS At-15 Muzzle Brake


ATRS AT-15 LFE( Light-weight Flash Eliminator)

Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped barrels

Downloads Modern Varmit FRT

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