RCBS Quick Change Powder Measure


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The RCBS Quick Change RCBS Quick Change Powder Measure


Powder Measure offers reloaders the ability to quickly go from light handgun to magnum rifle charges. The metering assemblies are easily changed with the pull of a pin and additional metering assemblies can be purchased and set to favorite powder charges for quick changes without resetting. The large powder hopper holds up to a pound of smokeless powder. The measure comes with both large and small metering assemblies, as well as a drain attachment and 2 drop tubes.

Technical Information:

Material: Steel and plastic hopper
Capacity: 1 pound of smokeless powder
Metering Chamber: Quick Change
Attachment: To any reloading press with standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies or a powder stand with the same threads (sold separately)
Includes: Drain Insert, Large and Small metering assemblies, 22-270 caliber drop tube and 30-45 caliber drop tube
Notes: Not for use with black powder

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