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Custom ceramic coating of firearms and firearm parts.  Cerakote is one of the most durable spray-on finish available today.

The Cerakote product we use must be cured at high temperature so we are limited with what can be coated. We can only coat metal components and fiberglass stocks. We cannot coat plastic, rubber, wood and we will not Cerakote a scope.

Cerakote is an additional layer and does add a small amount of dimension so coating some small parts such as triggers, bolts etc. is not recommended.

-We can coat your barrel and action in a single instock solid color for $275.

-We can also CeraKote your fiberglass stock or aluminum chassis. This starts at $200 and goes up from there depending on disassembly and complexity of finish.

-Custom multi color/patterned designs are also available. Each custom camo finish is hand done so no 2 are the same. The cost of custom camo finishes are on a per rifle basis and will depend on what all is being coated, how many colors are being used and how complex the pattern is.

*We only Cerakote bolt action rifles and AR15s.*

***We are not set up to work on or Cerakote handguns, shotguns, lever action rifles, pump action rifles etc.***


Colors in stock: (Click to view)


Additional non stocked colors can be ordered for your custom project. There is an up charge for this and it will delay the job until the product arrives.



***We do not work on shotguns, pistols, SKS, milsurp etc...***

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