ATRS Ultimate Rifle soft case

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ATRS Ultimate Rifle soft case

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The most feature packed bag produced!

For years we have  been bringing in and using drag bags and shooting mats from various manufacturers.
All of them seem to have some things we like and some we do not. SO we decided to commission what we think is the Ultimate rifle soft case...

Many drag bags are 48 to 52 inches long and fit many sporting type rifle, but once you get a brake on the rifle or run a longer than factory barrel, the options seem to get fewer and fewer. We figured that a 55" inside length would be great, that way a 29" barreled rifle with brake will fit. A small run of 48" long bags will also be available if the 55" is a bit too big.

In many instances a shooting mat is something many of us employ, so why not as some have already done make the gun case and shooting mat 1 accessory. This saves the cost of the mat as well as having 2 things to hump around.

This is what we came up with.
Industrial grade water resistant 1000 denier cordura nylon material, YKK military grade zippers and buckles. All stitching is double seam, the cut edges of the fabric are hot cut to prevent unraveling, then have a finish edging sewn on. Lots of molle webbing.
The carry handle and removable back pack straps are all double sewn and are continuous around the bag and overlapped.
No chance of handle or strap sewing failing and allowing the gun to fall.

It folds out flat to make a shooting mat that is 48" wide by 94" long. The gun case part being 48x55" and having 1" think high density foam, the same type as the higher quality camping mat employ. The 39" of rubberized ground sheet that folds out of the case to keep the shooters legs and feet from the ground/mud/snow has 3 spike loops to keep it from moving or blowing about. There is also an optional removable front tarp for those who shoot rifles with brakes on them and hate the dirt that is thrown up.

  • Available in OD green only.
  • full water-resistant Construction 1000 denier cordura
  • Closed case lengths are 55" and optional 48" version
  • Optional front bib for added real estate
  • Full double seam Stitching
  • YKK military grade zippers and buckles



-External 12"x 15"x 3" Matching accessory bag-          $25
(Additional storage, molle mountable)



-Detachable Front blast tarp with stake downs-          $25

  (Extra clean, dry area keeping any dirt from blowing up from muzzle brakes)






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