Consignment Borden 7mm SAUM Package


This item may be in stock but is not available for online ordering
please call 403-277-7786 or 403-277-7266
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Rifle Specs:


Borden Rifle SS Action Rimrock LSR

Mcmillan A3-5, Adjustable thumbwheel cheekpiece, Anchutz accessory rail

Tubb adjustable butt plate
 Kreiger SS barrel 28" 7mm RSaum 5R 1-9 tight neck
Jewel trigger 

20 MOA picatinny rail 

The gun was built in Kamloops by Mick McPhee 
The gun was built specifically built to run the Saum and 180 grain Berger targets


Package includes:

NF 12-42X56 .125 Benchrest scope, NF Rings, Cant and Level 
2 Blank Kreiger Barrels 28" 7mm 5R 1-9
Dave Kiff Pacific Tool Reamer  
Redding Competition Dies 58280 
10 boxes of Berger BT Target Hybrid 7MM Bullets still in the plastic wrap

























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