AR500 Hardened Steel Gong Set

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Laser cut from Hardened AR500 steel to withstand the most punishing hits from your high powered rifle.

Sold in sets of three.

Perfect for long range target shooting, sighting in, etc.

  • Small  gong is 2.5" X 1/2" thick.
  • Medium gong is 5" X 3/8" thick
  • Large gong is 10" X 3/8 thick
  • 12.6 Lbs for three targets

 These are not rated for steel core or armor piercing rounds. These will damage the targets considerably.

We ship these out as well, The price to ship through Canada post is quite reasonable. You can email us your address for a shipping quote. IE: $22 to Victoria, BC, Sask and Manitoba. $26 to Toronto,Ont.


These can be hung using a 1/2" Grade 8 bolt 1.5" long and Nylock nuts



This way the shoulder of the bolt has a good fit to the gong and will take repeated hits. We have successfully used rubber sheet or tire tread or seat belt material to hang these. This method will take many repeated hits without failing. Chain can fail after a few impacts.

 We do not recommend shooting any steel core/solid copper bullets at the targets. Depending on the specific caliber they can do a lot of damage, or even shoot through the target. Shoot your steel core/solid copper bullets at paper targets. We do not cover damage due to steel core/solid copper bullets.

The ⅜” AR500 steel targets are ideal for magnum pistol practice from 12 yards with angled mounting, shotgun slugs and pellets from 50 yards, and centerfire rifles with a muzzle velocity less than 2800 FPS if used at least 100 yards from the target.

Centerfire rifles with a muzzle velocity greater than 2800 FPS, including magnum loads, may be used if the target is at least 250 yards from the firing line.

The ⅜” AR500 line is the most commonly used targets and 5.56x45/.223 is commonly used on these targets. Expect pitting with velocities over 2,800 fps.

These are a consumable product and will incur damage. We do not warranty any damage caused to or by these targets.

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