ATRS Gill Brake Installation

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This item may be in stock but is not available for online ordering
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 This is the most efficient muzzle brake for use on large caliber magnum rifles. These are specifically designed for prone shooting to control the dust signature. Our Gill brakes have been engineered to reduce the felt recoil by up to 50% and reduce muzzle hop so you are able to remain on target. Allowing the shooter to see the hit.

  Our Gill brakes are available in several different diameters to accommodate for the various barrel contours and are available for smaller caliber rifles. CNC machined from 416 stainless, each brake is hand fit and timed to your rifle for maximum performance and accuracy.

We can closely match your existing coating/finish.

We do not sell our Gill brakes unless they are installed by ATRS. We need the complete rifle here, including the bolt, in order to test fire the rifle after the brake is installed.
Our Gill brakes are permanently installed and are not removable.

Price includes Gill brake and installation.



ATRS Gill brakes are not available for sale separately.


***We do not work on shotguns, pistols, SKS, milsurp etc...***

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