AT15 "Eliminator" Flash Hider

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Eliminator Flash Hider

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Our Eliminator flash hider is designed to completely eliminate the flash on the shorter barreled ARs.
They are available with 1/2X28 TPI for rifles in 223/5.56 as well as with 5/8X24 for rifles in 300 Blackout. We manufacture a tapered and non-tapered version of the Eliminator for both .223 and for .30 cal.
Our .30 cal Eliminator was designed for the 300 Blackout and was not designed to withstand the pressured of the larger .308 Win cartridge.

Tapered: 10.6oz
Non tapered: 12.3oz
Outer Diameter: 1.5"
Length: 3.10"

Here's a video to see the Eliminator
(and LFE) in action


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