Custom Match Grade AR Barrels

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Machined from Lilja blanks, these stainless AR15 barrels are truly match grade.

Barrels can be machined to any length or profile consistent with the four standard gas system lengths (pistol, carbine, mid and rifle).

Twist rates available for 223/5.56: 1:7, 1:8, 1:9

Chamberings available:
     .223 Rem Match
     .223 Wylde
      5.56 Nato
      300 Blackout
      6.8 SPC
      6.5 Grendel

Chamber is hand fitted to the bolt for maximum accuracy.  New bolt assemblies are available. Price for bolt will vary depending on caliber chosen. Price for barrel may vary depending on caliber chosen, barrel blank manufacturer, or other options chosen.

 Barrel Length Price 
 20" and longer $750
 18"-20"  $650
 13.5"-18 $550
 10.5"-13"  $475
 7.5"-10" $375 



We offer our custom AR barrels in several different finishes including polished or matte stainless and cerakote (several colors available but most common is black). There are additional costs for cerakote ($75).

We can do just about any contour on our custom AR barrels. Below are a few barrel contours we commonly use:




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