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AccuMax 7/8 Die Adapter
50 BMG shell holder
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.473" Shell Holder (308 Win)
.535" Shell Holder (300 Win Mag)
.595" Shell Holder (338 Lapua)
1.250" Die Adapter


Designed with the serious reloader in mind

 Our new ACCU-MAXX™ press is the result of over 40 years of reloading using virtually every press on the market all the while wondering "is this as good as it gets?"  Now it is as good as it can be. This angled design makes it much more user friendly and the massive 8 inches of ram travel makes it capable to load everything from 25 ACP to 50 BMG.
 Gone are the days of having to "snake" a bullet up inside a seating die when loading larger calibers with VLD bullets. The long travel stroke of the ram makes seating the longer bullets a breeze. The massive compound action of our linkage allows full length sizing of 50cal brass with ease.  All pivot points are fitted with roller bearings for years of trouble free service. The ram and guide rods all run on heavy  impregnated bronze bushings, making this press arguably the smoothest operating press on the planet. This press was designed to last many lifetimes of daily use.

This is also probably the only press that can be configured for true left hand operation.


The ram and guide rods are made of stainless steel, the linkage is made of chromoly steel, the base plate, shell holder plate and top plate are made of 7075 aluminum. The dies and die adapters thread into a stainless steel bushing in the top plate.

All aluminum parts have been anodized black.

The ram, guide rods and linkage on our Elite ACCU-MAXX press have all been nitrided for added hardness, durability and lubricity.
Our Elite ACCU-MAXX press is $1175.

Shell holders and 7/8 die adapters are not included in the price of the press. Prices for press accessories are as follows:

50 BMG shell holder:                   $60
.473" shell holder:                       $60
.535" shell holder:                       $60
.595" shell holder                        $60
Standard shell holder adapter:  $60
7/8 die adapter:                             $60
1.250" die adapter                        $60

We now offer a top plate designed to accommodate 2.00" diameter dies for those wanting to reload 20mm. This top plate is $250.
1.5" die adapter for 2.00|
 top plate is $75.

Note: We have shipped these to USA and the cost to ship is somehow cheaper than shipping them to Canada.


 The ACCU-MAXX™ reloading press which is the most versatile and precise reloading press available to reloaders today. The huge frame opening and massive compound leverage makes it one of the most powerful presses on the market.
With reasonable care and maintenance your ACCU-MAXX™ press will provide you a lifetime of dependable service.
Mounting and Assembly
Your new ACCU-MAXX™ press comes fully assembled and once securely bolted down, ready to go to work. We recommend using 3, 3/8” bolts and securing it to a very structural bench for operation. The mechanical advantage this press has can tear out the mounting bolts from wooden benches so the use of a steel backing plate is strongly recommended.
Use of a flat washer between the head of the mounting bolts and the base plate of the press is a must!
Be sure to tighten the mounting bolts securely, lock nuts are recommended as is periodic checking of the mounting bolts for tightness.
Being as every moving part in the ACCU-MAXX™ press is in either a bronze bushing or needle style roller bearing and that the axles, lubrication on the ram and guide rods is as simple as a drop or 2 of oil only on the bushings using a high quality synthetic gun oil. The bearings are packed with synthetic grease at the factory and should never require any additional lubrication.
Keeping the ram and guide rods clean of dust and debris will greatly extend the life of the bushings, which are easily replaceable if need arises. Please feel free to contact our service department should you have any concerns or require any replacement parts.
Change of Stroke
One of the unique features of the ACCU-MAXX™ press is the handle’s geometry. Simply by swapping the roller handles from side to side and turning the compound lever 180 degrees you will change the amount of stroke required. From factory the press is set for full stroke typically required for loading large caliber casings like 50 BMG.
To make it more convenient when loading smaller calibers changing the orientation of the handle will allow the user to still have the best mechanical advantage but without having to run the handle through the full throw. When moving the roller handle is it critical to not over tighten the handle pivot bolt or bearing failure will result. Tighten the pivot bolt snug then back it off very slightly to allow the bearings inside the handle to rotate freely. The pivot bolt should never rotate in normal usage, but a touch of nail polish on the threads will eliminate any potential for pivot bolt rotation, yet the bolt can still be removed again very easily. Loctite type products are not recommended for this purpose.
We encourage the use of the supplied ram stop spacer when operating in the short stroke mode. It simply snaps onto the ram under the shell holder guide plate and provides a stop for the ram 4.5” below the top plate that retains the dies and stops the ram from reaching the bottom of its travel.
Shell Holder
Your new ACCU-MAXX™ press can be ordered with either a 50 BMG shell holder or a standard shell holder adapter that threads into the ram. Both have locking rings so you can orient the direction of the shell holder to the operator’s preference. The shell holder adapter will allow for the use of most common shell holders manufactured by RCBS, Redding, and Lyman.  They simply snap in place in the standard adapter and are retained by a spring loaded bearing. They can be rotated to face any direction. Removal is simply achieved by pulling the shell holder forward out of the retaining slot in the adapter.
Your new ACCU-MAXX™ press can be ordered with a bushing in the top plate to accommodate for standard 7/8”x14 TPI dies as well as 1.5”x12 TPI for large caliber dies like 50 BMG. Other bushings are available as an accessory item and can be ordered from ATRS.
Spent Primers
During the depriming operation of casings the spent primers drop through the hollow ram of your ACCU-MAXX™ press and come out at the bottom of the ram. Simply place a bucket below the press to collect the spent primers.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


We have had some reports of fitment issues with Warner precision dies.  With both our companies running bare minimum acceptable tolerances on our threads, there have been reports of the Warner dies seizing in the press.

This press in made with great PRIDE in Calgary Alberta Canada.


+1 #1 RE: ATRS ACCU-MAXX™ Reloading PressMike Unsworth 2016-09-01 09:30
This press is a work of art and a must buy. Makes all the rest seem like trash.

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