ATRS Infidel and Maverick Actions

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Our custom actions are CNC machined from 416 stainless steel and our bolts from 4340 steel. We have them salt bath nitrided for extreme durability and resistance to wear and corrosion. Our actions employ a 1 piece bolt to eliminate the chances of the bolt handle breaking off, which can happen with a multi-piece bolt. We have employed an M16 extractor for superior extraction over that of most factory actions. Our actions are based off the Rem 700 foot print and will use any Rem 700 trigger, firing pin and bottom metal. We have made our actions longer slightly than a factory Rem 700. We have also employed a pin-in-place recoil lug and a side bolt release. We have changed the tang from that of a Rem 700 to more of  a square tang for better contact for bedding. Due to these differences they will not fit every stock that will fit a Rem 700, but they will fit many with modification to the stock. Our short action Infidel can support any short action cartridge with a .473 bolt face and our long action Maverick can support anything from a 30-06 up to a 338 Lapua. They are available as a single shot or repeater and in any bolt/ejection port configuration desired. Our Infidel actions come standard with a 25 MOA rail and our Maverick actions come standard with a 30 MOA rail. Rails with custom MOA are available upon request. At this point, we are only offering our Infidel and Maverick custom actions for ATRS builds. We are not selling them on their own but hope to offer them on their own in the near future.

  • Rem 700 footprint
  • 416 stainless steel action
  • 4340 steel 1-piece bolt
  • M16 extractor
  • Pin-in-place recoil lug
  • Side bolt release
  • Salt bath nitride finish
  • Available in single shot and repeater
  • Several bolt/ejection port configurations available

Approximate weight of actions (including action, bolt, rail and recoil lug):

Infidel single shot- 2lbs 9oz
Infidel repeater- 2lbs 5oz
Maverick single shot- 2lbs 14oz
Maverick repeater- 2lbs 10oz

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