ATRS Detachable Bottom Metal (DBM) for Rem 700

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CNC machined from 7075 aluminum, this detachable bottom metal (DBM) has a few improvements over conventional DBM kits. All edges have been radiused for a smooth feel to protect the operators hands, unlike some manufacturers which have very sharp edges. The pivot for the mag release is made with a hardened shoulder bolt rather than the common roll pin competitors use. The mag release is adjustable for tension. Hard anodized for a fine, durable finish.
Our DBM are available for short and long action Rem 700 and clone actions. Our short action DBM employs the Accurate 223 and 308 mags and Accuracy International 308 mags. Our long action DBM employs the Accurate 3.850" long 300 Win and 338 Lapua mags. We have tightened up the tolerances in the magwell in order to fit the AI mags very snug and eliminate the rattle you find in most other manufacturers DBM kits. We have made cut outs above the trigger guard in order to eliminate interference with the safety of some aftermarket triggers.

In order to install our DBM, like most other aftermarket DBM kits, your fiberglass or wood stock must be re-inletted in order to fit the DBM and typically the action also must be machined in order for the mag to function.
We do not install these into plastic/composite stocks.

The price includes installation and one Accurate magazine.

  • CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Hard Anodized finish
  • No sharp edges
  • Employs Accurate mags
  • Mag release adjustable for tension
  • Available for short and long action Rem 700s
  • Tighter tolerances for snug fitting mag
  • Compatible with aftermarket triggers

***We do not work on shotguns, pistols, SKS, milsurp etc...***

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